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Are you eager to collect and share your local language vocabulary. Local can help you collect and translate words used in your local languages into widely used languages like English.

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Why Choose Local?

Local is a new language tool built for individuals like you to collect and share your local language words with the whole world. Our mission is to celebrate the uniqueness of every culture and preserve their language heritage, to encourage understanding and connection globally.

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If you don't find a specific local language in our collection, don't worry! You can suggest it, and together, we can expand our platform to include even more languages.

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Browse through our ever-growing list of languages already added to LangsLocal.

Experience the distinct terminologies from various regions and appreciate the diversity of human expression.

Share Your Knowledge

Passionate about preserving your native language or familiar with a lesser-known dialect?

Join our community of language contributors and share your expertise to keep local languages thriving.

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